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Meet our Peiso Founder, Ivan Brewer...

I am the Founder and Managing Director of Peiso Profitability Software, the world's first hospitality profit tool.

Peiso is a profit-first solution that guides managers and owners to profitability through roster and purchasing management.

Peiso is the expression of 25 years of hospitality experience and a deep seated drive to improve the profitability of my industry.

The industry has changed, the operational paradigm no longer relevant, and Peiso makes sense of the business of hospitality so users can focus upon creating regular customers.


"Ivan Brewer is a restaurant profitability expert and thought leader with an undeniable passion for the Hospitality Industry.

For Ivan increasing the profitability of the SME restaurant, café and bar industry solves many ills; staff become paid fairly, working conditions improve, and businesses thrive. Ivan has consulted to hundreds of businesses across Australia, Europe and America, and writes content for leading Food Technology companies like Roubler, Kounta, Typsy and MyGuestList.

Ivan incorporates unique strategies and insights to magnify the key drivers of a business’s performance, deconstructs the myths and hearsay that limit change and cap profitability, and is constantly assessing food technology."


Ivan’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge has served him well.

He found himself leading teams at a young age and has since led several successful multi-million dollar companies in the hospitality and innovation spaces. Ivan was also a Director of a National consultancy firm focusing solely on Hospitality, commercialised his father’s invention and sold it to an ASX listed company, working as a Research and Development head managing a multi-million dollar budget.

Thanks to the sheer breadth of his experience, Ivan has some unique insights into what truly makes a business thrive.

Ivan is also a published author, sharing his battle with Chronic Pain after emergency spinal surgery, and an advocate for Mental Health in the Hospitality Industry.

Profit at your fingertips with the Peiso APP! Easy to read sales and labour figures, real-time, on your mobile device.

"Peiso helped double our actual profit, increasing it by $150,000 within 10 months"

Shelby Long
Operations Manager, The Milestone Group, Darwin

Empower your staff to make profit orientated decisions, Real-Time!